Clean and Used Books at Reasonable Prices

Take the chance to visit our store today to see the treasures you’ll find on our shelves. Aside from being the more cost effective option, buying used books also gives you a different story outside of the one you’ll be reading. You can get to know the previous owner with the well worn pages of the book or the little notes they leave along the margins.



To keep our collection fresh and exciting, we offer customers in-store credit to encourage customers to trade in their books. The amount we offer is based on the condition, demand, and shelf space of your book. Your credit will be valid for 3 years from your last transaction, and you will have to follow the limitations on the number of books you can buy from our store per week.


Different Types of Credit

We offer three kinds of credit, which are:

  • Hard Back Credit: Any book that has a different shape compared to a small pocket size mass market paperback or a small young adult paperback. They can be used on any kind of book.
  • Paper Back Credit: Small, mass market paperbacks that can only be used on other mass market paperbacks.
  • Young Adult Credit: Small, young adult paperbacks that can only be used toward other young adult paperbacks.


Gift Cards

Gift certificates are available in any amount. These are perfect for birthdays, Christmas celebrations, or any other special occasion.